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$10 Apres Ski Yoga – Every FRIDAY!


Join us for a realizing yoga class that focuses on stretching the muscles we utilize while skiing + riding!

4:30 – 5:30 (every!) Friday for only $10 

teachers rotate – check the live schedule HERE for more specifics

Kundalini Workshops | The Human Energy System w/ Dana Hersh

February Kundalini resized

THE AURA | Saturday, Feb. 18 | 2:30 – 5pm

Experience the aura –our own electromagnetic field– discovering how it protects, affects and expands our energy in the day to day.


THE CHAKRA SYSTEM |Sunday, Feb . 19 | 2:30 – 5pm

Explore the 7 principle chakras or energy centers, discovering how they relate to our personal lives and color our perception of reality.

$25 each workshop
$20 pre-register by 2/17

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 Yoga with Nicole Peltier ~ Saturday, March 18th

YOGA FOR TEACHERS ~ 1:00 – 4:00pm

Need a tune up, early in a teaching career, want a fresh perspective? This class is designed for new and seasoned yoga instructors based off the Yoga Teacher Training modules offered by Nicole Peltier for practicing instructors. We will examine new, creative words to freshen up a stale cueing pattern. Nicole has an in-depth lecture on Cueing do’s and don’ts, practices for shining the voice to invigorate and/or calm, and a creative section on tools to expand flow options. Get some new material with this 3 hour intensive!

Price: $40 ($35 pre-reg by 3/17)

ROCK’N HIP HIP YOGA ~ 4:30 – 5:30pm

Have you ever “jogged the dog” to hip-hop? This class puts familiar yoga poses to the beat of hip-hop and pop music, which takes the practice to a whole different level of creativity and rhythm. It is also fun and athletic! No dance experience necessary, but if you can bust some moves, this is your class to shine on. Your learning mind gets to take a break from the “study” of yoga and just let go into the flow of the body, heart and music. This can be a very physical class, so come prepared to sweat, but, also be prepared, in the heat of the moment, to meditate. All things are possible.

Price: $15 drop-in (or use your class pass!)

*Special discount for yoga teachers who attend both the workshop AND the hip hop yoga class! $45 for both!

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Raven Yoga with Nicole Peltier ~ Sunday, March 19

Raven Yoga11:00am – 1:00pm

Raven Yoga is an all-levels yoga class focused on the the truth around undesirable behaviors, habits & addictions. Beginner level yoga postures are explored related to the class theme, recovery, and healing. Through sharing, practicing and community support students have space to grow, heal, release unwanted patters/habits and redirect energy into positive activities. No addiction, current recovery program or yoga experience required to attend. All are welcome.

Price: $25