Restorative Yoga and Manifesting Retreat

restorative and manifesting yoga retreat crested butte

Root Down & Shed Those Leaves!

Fall is that beautiful time of year when the golden glory of nature has one last hurrah before the winter blanket of snow settles in.  The smell of newly sharpened pencils, yellow school buses ambling down the street, rustling piles of aspen leaves and warm winter ski jackets all herald change.  Just as the plants are hunkering down, reconnecting to their roots, so we, too, seek grounding and begin to turn inward for the season ahead.

Come join us in our Crested Butte paradise for 3 days/2 nights of reconnecting with our roots & renewing our souls.  Through restorative, yin and yoga nidra practices, walking meditations, manifesting and journaling, we’ll step into fall grounded, rejuvenated & ready to thrive!

Arriving on Friday, we’ll start early-afternoon with a restorative yoga practice, work on some manifesting and then enjoy a sumptuous dinner followed by free time and some yoga nidra before we turn in.  On Saturday, we’ll enjoy a yin practice morning and evening, venture out on a museum tour, have some personal spa time and explore our crafty side.  More delicious food, of course, and yoga nidra before bed.  Sunday we’ll continue with our restorative yoga, do some manifesting and have some outdoor time.  We’ll have a picnic lunch at a surprise destination before we wrap-up and say our good byes. With a townie bike at your disposal, you’ll be able to tootle around town and let the CB vibe soak in.  You can schedule in a light running session into your weekend to really top it all off.

Weekend Itinerary

Friday, October 6th

  • Check-in & Townie Biking in the am
  • Gathering   11:30
  • Restorative Yoga  Noon – 1:15
  • Lunch  1:30 – 2:30
  • Learn to Manifest  3:00 – 4:00
  • Open time with your townie  4:00 – 6:00
  • Dinner at the Ginger Cafe 6:00 – 7:30
  • Yoga Nidra & Pranayama 8:00 – 9:00

Saturday, October 7th

  •  Breakfast  8:00 – 9:15
  • Yin Yoga  9:30 – 10:45
  • Museum Walking Tour  10:45 – 11:45
  • Lunch at the Guild  noon – 1:00
  • Walking Meditation  1:00 – 2:00
  • Spa Time  2:00 – 3:30
  • Vision Boards  4:00 – 5:15
  • Dinner at the Sunflower  6:30 – 7:45
  • Yin & Yoga  Nidra  8:15 – 9:15

Sunday, October 8th

  • Breakfast  8:00 – 9:15
  • Restorative Yoga  9:30 – 10:45
  • Manifesting  11:00 – noon
  • Picnic at the Yurt  noon – 2:30
  • Wrap up 2:30 – 3:00

There may be changes in the sequence & times of scheduled activities.

You don’t want to miss this juicy, reflective me time before the holiday season begins!  Package with lodging is $1150, activities only $750.  Book now!

Cost of Retreat Including Accommodations: $1,150.00

Cost of Retreat- Activity Package Only (No Accommodations): $750.00


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