Yoga Nidra Club

Join us for our new Yoga Nidra Club!

Kicking off November 1, 2017

The Yoga Nidra Club will lead you on a life-changing journey – and I really mean live changing!   Every month, we will explore a theme.  Tailored to that theme, you will receive tools for your meditation and asana practice:

  • a 20 minute recorded yoga nidra meditation for each day
  • a 40 minute recorded yoga nidra for each week, or when you have more time
  • a yoga practice to accompany the theme and meditation
  • weekly blog posts that provide more thoughts and information regarding the theme
  • an energy exercise that can be used to further expand your yoga nidra experience.

This robust toolkit will enable you to really experience yoga: the ability to find your true Self and link to the divine.  It will provide a home practice to augment your Yoga For The Peaceful studio experience.

We will be offering, at the studio:

  • A live  60 yoga nidra class   

* The 1st Friday of the month, 5:30 – 6:30, CB South

  • A non-lead yoga nidra class  (the 20 minute recording)

* Wednesdays, 12:15, Elk Avenue

  • The monthly yoga practice

* The 1st 10:30 Saturday Slow Flow of the month, Elk Avenue

As a Yoga For The Peaceful monthly subscription member, you will be able to subscribe for $5.99 a month add-on to your membership.

About Yoga Nidra

Want to meditate, but have a hard time trying to stay still and empty your brain of its endless chatter?  Would you like a relaxing guided journey that will enable you to obtain the robust life you desire, removing the old patterns, fears and hurts that are holding you back?  Would you like to break the cycle of stress, experiencing a deep sense of relaxation and calm?  If so, then Yoga Nidra is for you!

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is an ancient form of meditation.  In a guided yoga nidra meditation, you will be led into a relaxing sleep-like state where your conscious mind can access places within you that are inaccessible when awake.  You can become awareness itself, and in this place, observe the fears, scars and patterns that have held you back, releasing them and finding a deep sense of calm.  You can also plant your deepest intentions while in yoga nidra, enabling you to manifest them in your life.  This relaxing practice is also beneficial simply because it creates a deep sense of calm in the body, 30 minutes of yoga nidra considered equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.

Practicing yoga nidra on a regular basis enables you to find it easier, over time, to reside in that place on consciousness where you can respond instead of react to the world around you.  You will identify less with emotions and thoughts that come your way, understanding that these things do not define you.   You will find that sense of peace at your core more readily accessible to you during your daily life.